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Reasons why chainsaw training courses are beneficial for safety and security of the operators

According to research and studies, chainsaws are one of the most commonly used but hazardous tools used for outdoor activities like tree cutting and forestry activities, leading to accidents and injuries if not handle in a proper fashion. Chainsaws are used by people working in industries like maintenance, landscaping, forestry, oil and gas.

Factors which make chainsaw different from its other cutting machines counterparts is that, the bar and the chain part of the chainsaw machine remains unguarded, unlike other saw cutting machines. This is the reason why, people working with chainsaw machine, need to protect themselves with proper PPE (Personal Protection Equipment). Also, handling of chainsaw machines require high levels of competency from the operators, sans which the consequences can be life threatening and dangerous. It is mandatory for the chainsaw operators to undergo proper training in operating chainsaw machines.

There are various chainsaw safety courses, online and offline, which can guide prospective operators on various chainsaw cutting techniques, wearing the right PPE, handling and maintaining the chainsaw machine in a proficient manner. The brief summaries in chainsaw training courses include the following:

Technical tree cutting and felling

Chainsaw safety and cutting techniques

Aerial chainsaw safety and cutting techniques

Potential hazards involved in tree cutting and felling procedures

Proper handling and maintenance of chainsaws

Chainsaws, when operated incorrectly, can lead to serious injuries to the operator as well as the loggers working around him. Chainsaw safety training courses highlight on the potential hazards like vibrations, noise and flying debris while using chainsaws and how to control the same efficiently. Also, chainsaw operators need to wear proper PPE which includes, head gear like helmet or a cap, face gear like protective eye glasses, ear plugs, gloves for hand protection, boots for leg and foot protection.

Chainsaw training courses highlight on the right techniques and procedures for safe and secure operating of chainsaw machines. The operators are taught as to how to start, operate, transport and store the chainsaw, post usage. Any person working in the above mentioned industries like oil, mining, forestry or maintenance, needs to undertake chainsaw training course. Apart from commercial workers, any person making use of chainsaw for home purpose should be well equipped with the knowledge of operating the chainsaw machine.

Proper handling of chainsaw machine can help in reducing the risk of injuries and accidents apart from saving lives of the operators.

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